Junior Programs

Middle School Rowing

Is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys and girls. Join us Saturday mornings with coach Caroline Schaefer-Hills!

High School Rowing

All 8th thru 12th grade students are eligible to row with the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club Jr. team. No experience necessary. Click on the Junior Programs tab for pricing, hours as well as dates for our open house recruitment sessions.

Middle School

Individual: $450
15 Middle School Saturdays

Team Gold Middle School: $4500
Form a middle school team up to 14 members. No membership required

Flex schedule/flex fees!

1x/wk “The Moonwalkers”

2x/wk “The Ambitious”

3x/wk “The Lovers”

4x/wk “The Wise”

5x/wk “The Warriors of Faith”

6x/wk “The Just Rulers”


Must commit to same specific days of the week practice schedule for 12wk sessions


1x/wk $180      $6/hr

2x/wk $330    $5/hr

3x/wk $450    $4/hr

4x/wk $540    $3/hr

5x/wk $600    $2/hr

6x/wk $630    $1/hr


1x/wk $210     $7/hr

2x/wk $390    $6/hr

3x/wk $540    $5/hr

4x/wk $660    $4/hr

5x/wk $750    $3/hr

6x/wk $810    $2/hr


1x/wk $240     $8/hr

2x/wk $450    $7/hr

3x/wk $630    $6/hr

4x/wk $780    $5/hr

5x/wk $900    $4/hr

6x/wk $990    $3/hr

4-Season “Just Rulers” Discounted Fee:

$2840 (save $400!)