General Membership


Gold Master


Diamond Master


Platinum Master


Team Gold


General Membership: $250

Includes two semi-private lessons with Olympian/3x world champion

Next choose your rowing package!

Gold Master: $450

15 Tuesday and Thursday evenings & Saturday morning rows between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Includes use of property after rows for socials

Diamond Master: $350 (Upgrade from Gold)

25 Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday morning rows June thru September. Rowing on average 2x per week. Includes use of property for after row socials

Platinum Master: $350 (Upgrade from Diamond)

30+ Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Any morning desired May thru October. This package includes free rack space and winter storage for personal single rowing shell, access to the club’s VHP. Rowing on average 3x per week. Includes any day drop in to our off season winter training sessions located in Traverse City.

Team Gold: $4500

Form a team of 10 to 14 friends, neighbors, and/or colleagues and save to row 15 Thursdays Memorial Day to Labor Day in combinations of 8s and 4s. (Sculling option for members, otherwise no individual membership required.)