LLRC Summer Camps

2021 Camp Schedule

June 14th-20th or 18th-20th

June 21st-27th or 25th-27th

June 29th-July 1st

July 5th-10th

July 13th-18th

July 23rd-25th

July 26th- August 1st

August 2nd-8th

August 20nd-22nd

August 23rd-29th

6 days of camp: $1200

3 days of camp: $750

What to expect during camp week

  • A premium camp offering expert coaching instruction PTO support your needs as an athlete 


  • Use of premium Vespoli Boat Works equipment
  • Feedback from biomechanics instrumentation on the boats for immediate feedback to participants


  • Daily continental breakfast 
  • Off water sessions to cover rigging, sculling technique adjustments, biomechanical feedback, etc.


  • Up to three on-water session per day with coaching

Example of a day at our camp:

7:30am: Meet at Fountain Point for introductions/boat assignments/day brief and technical focus

8:50am: On water session (85 minutes)

9:30am: Debrief session and continental breakfast (provided)

11:30am: On water session (75min)

12:45pm: Free Time

4:15pm: On water session (75 minutes)

Evening: Dinner with coaches/ technical/biomechanical discussion